Friday, July 15, 2011





Where is my yellow shirt?

Ben went to collect Mc D Olympic Day Run 2011 bib and T-shirt yesterday. While happily choosing Blue among all other colors (Red, Green, White) as our family color. We missed out one thing until this morning when Ben suddenly said, " They took out yellow shirt because of BERSIH"....oh my God, it's an effect of ever reaction again.....But how can McD agrees on this? It's one of their corporate color and color for one of the ring in Olympic sign.....

No wonder no matter how much they talked, our 1 Malaysia vision is still missing one thing..... They are too frighten to see all rings are united so they purposely took the ring out....

Monday, July 11, 2011

Training begins....

1 week after SCKLM 2011, new training seasons for me has begun.

Did 18km during week day and 18K LSD. Tried to run faster during weekday instead of too much relax run. I found that I have "enjoyed" my running too much for the past few months and that's why I am getting slower.

Let's see how I progress this time :-P

Monday, November 29, 2010

I want my big towel!

6 more days to go.....

Weather is ok......(though it's warmer than expected.)

Road ahead is waiting for me......

Sub-5....., let me do my best to get my Big Towel!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Running in the Rain@Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010

Never imagined myself running during a down pour....+ thunder + storm. I think I would have quit if yesterday's run was just a normal LSD. Runners who worried about not having enough water during the race must be very happy yesterday, we had plenty of it.....

Compared to year 2008, I found great improvement in year 2010 PBIM. Number of full marathon runners had increase tremendously. I still remember there we only about 600 of us running in year 2008 and immediately after passing through the startin point, I felt I was running alone. But not for this year, I think we have more that 1000 runners participating in Full Marathon category.

I was on the bridge - still confused on the 16km and 20.2km marker when it started to rain very heavily. Runners in front of me all changed their lane to nearer to the divider, may be worry that the wind will blow us away. So I followed them. I felt so pain when the rain was "beating" my face. I decided to remove my specs so that it would not block my vision (anyway, I couldn't see even with my specs). I slow down because of the rain and many runners overtook me.

Route is different from year 2008 (not sure about route for 2009 as I did not participate last year). I thought the part after coming out from bridge is "easy", someone told me the U-turn is just after Tesco. I was so happy when I saw Tesco but I didn't know it was just the starting point of the most torturing part of the route. I thought I would see the U-turn point after each slope, but what I saw was just another slope with no turning point.. I am very very happy when I finally reach the U-turn, it mean my training - last LSD before Macau marathon is finished! can I can start to walk and run . I continued running slowly until 35km, then walk for about 500m and run slowly again until the finishing line. I am happy that I finished "quite strong" (of course lah, it was just a leisure run, no pushing).

My running was that interesting but I found this runner worth to be mentioned - Mr. Robbie Red Hat (this is printed at the back of his vest). He look "quite old" but still very strong. Over heard his conversation with Mr. Mohan that he had done 400 marathons (not sure if I got it correctly). Most interesting part is, he was wearing a torn red hat. The condition of his red hat is really bad, the top part (supposed to be covering his head) is almost gone. I wonder what's the story behind his red hat. Anyone know him, please share his story. (photo by Kwang Leng Picasa).

Overall, I see a lot of effort being put in to make the event a successful one, though there is still room for improvement, I think it's worth to give them an applause.

Monday, October 11, 2010

LSD 10.10.10

I did my 10+10+10km run while thousands of runners were doing their 10.10.10 in KL city.

Started my run at about 5:30am, Bukit Aman car park was very quiet that morning. Ben and I did not meet any runner until we have crossed Jalan Duta. Then only we saw a few hardcore runners who seem like they have never missed their 30Km LSD.

Weather was superb that day. I ran very slow (as usual) and I actually have some pressured after 20K. I thought I would have to walk after 25km but I did not. May be because the weather was too good to give up running. I completed the run in 3hr 35mins. Much slower compared to last time when I can do a 30K in 325 to 330.

I have not registered for Macau Marathon 2010 but I am training for it. Need to train harder to improve on my timing and gain more confidence before I click on the "Register" button.:-P

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Macau Marathon 2010 ????

So happen that....

my flight to Macau with my family is changed to early December and Macau Marathon is on 5 Dec 2010 and

The starting point is just next to my sister's will be a waste of chance if I don't run and I don't think I can stand it to watch others running on the road from the apartment!

but I will be doing Penang Bridge Marathon 2 weeks before this run and the qualifying time is 5 hrs. I know I am way too slow for sub 5 hours how?

Really confused if this is a God's plan for me......